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Two Types Of Potential Sellers To Contact For Properties

Being an investor, your success relies on how efficiently you find and convert those motivated seller leads and if you fail to find them, you will surely lead nowhere. Have you ever asked yourself- where those leads are enshrouding?

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Lead generation is very important aspect of your business. The mathematics is simple: more leads you have, more chances to excel in the business, more revenues you get. However, the million dollar question is- how to find those genuine leads that are easy to close?

There are thousands of sellers out there wanting to sell their properties for whatsoever reasons and it is your responsibility to find them. It is not as hard as it seems to find those motivated seller leads. It is far more important for you to where to look.

Here is a list of two types of potential sellers that might help you to find those properties:

Non-Owner Occupied Landlords

Non-owner occupied landlords are those who own properties, but are not living there due to any reason. You will not find them on distressed property listings on the internet.

There are chances that those landlords have not given a thought to sell their properties. However, if you find them, there are chances that you close deals with your communication and negotiation skills.

Probate Sellers:

It is another lucrative lead when those probate sellers don’t even know that they inherited the properties. Probate owners are those who have inherited the properties and they might just want to encash by selling those properties.

According to real estate enthusiasts, inherited or probated property owners are less interested in keeping those properties. Generally, they don’t want an additional burden to take care of and with a superlatively motivating proposal, you might end up convincing them to sell their properties.


There are many real estate agencies you can find on the internet that help you to find out genuine motivated seller leads. They are in the business since years and have databases of properties for every area. You can approach them and they will ensure that you get best leads. Convert those leads and earn huge margins.

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